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The Funk

After having my second son and nursing what felt like constantly, it was one of those summers that you would swear was 115 degrees outside. I was miserable. At a time of my life that I should have been feeling most like a Goddess, (I mean making people, how much more goddess can you get?) but I felt like a cow…in more ways than one.

I absolutely refused to wear clothes and didn’t see why I couldn’t just wear my bathing suit all the time. I can’ t imagine what it was like for my poor husband Scott, to try to convince this hormonal woman that she needed to put actual clothes on to go to the store. Looking back I probably had a bit of postpartum and didn’t realize it.

The Dress

The amazing man that he is, took me on a motorcycle ride one day to get me out of the house. We just happened upon a small town festival. At a vendor booth hanging there all alone amongst several other items that didn’t belong together was this dress. It was stretchy around the bust so it would hold my annoying but important pads. It grew and shrank with me. It was long enough to cover my, “potato knee” so I didn’t feel like my butt was hanging out but was short enough to be cool.nikki-blue

I wore it that night to bed and it was perfect. I could nurse and I didn’t wake up in a puddle. The next morning I got out of the shower and saw it hanging there and thought I have some jewelry that matches that. I came down stairs fully dressed and I don’t think the boys knew what to do. They were like, “Wow mom has clothes on. We are going somewhere!” Everywhere I went I got much needed complements. That night I took off the jewelry and jumped into bed. The next morning you could tell Scott was looking down the hall like is she seriously going to wear that dress again. After 3 days of wearing it straight Scott said, “Please let me wash it and I will give it right back I promise”. We knew then that we had to get more!

Every so often in our decade of marriage he would take me into the closet and ask me what I could get rid of. And ladies if your anything like me, “I’m going to fit into that again someday!”

To which there is no safe response from a man. But this day he took me into the closet and said, “I feel like this dress has given me my wife back. What will you get rid to make room for more dresses like this one?” and I said, “EVERYTHING!” We knew then we had to get more.

The Party

Scott found out where the dress came from but you had to buy a truckload of them wholesale. He sat me down and said, “If this is something you want to do we will end up with lots of extra dresses. Can you invite your friends over to sell the duplicates so we are not stuck with a bunch of the same dresses?” I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into. In the time it took for the shipment to arrive I had made all the moms in the neighborhood try mine on. We were amazed that it would fit the size 6 and the 26. It looked amazing on every body type. We had drummed up so much excitement the day the shipment arrived our house was full. There were people I didn’t even know there asking when they could have a party. It was all I could do to not sell the dress off my body. At the end of the party there was nothing left!

Before you know it I am doing parties every night. At my first big public event, a spirit mind and body fair, I brought 90 dresses and sold 77 in two days! I told Scott when he comes to pick me don’t be surprised if I’m naked. Soon after people started asking me how they can do what I do and Goddess Dress Parties was born. I believe that some businesses start but some are born.

If a simple dress could transform my life, I knew it could do that for other women too.

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