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We call our Representatives Goddesses, because they are!

When you have an event to sell dresses at, contact your Hub (local Goddess that houses the inventory) to make sure they are available. You check out around 100 different free sized dresses and accessories, the collapsible rack and signage.

What you don’t sell you bring back. Next time you have an event there is a good chance there will be new items. So you won’t experience book burnout like most home parties do.

All items are sold for $20.  You get $5 for each dress you sell and your hostess gets $2 credit toward her dresses. If there is no hostess you keep all $7.

Most parties sell an average of 20 dresses where you would make $100 and the hostess would get 2 free dresses.

If you have sold other items from a catalog you know you have to buy the catalogs and the products to show. When the new catalog comes out you have to buy the new items and more catalogs to show them. That can be expensive. We don’t have that.

Goddesses have no quotas to sell.

I too am a busy mom and understand how crazy life can be sometimes. Imagine if you were going on vacation. You may not have parties the week before because you are getting ready to go. You are certainly not having parties the week you are gone and the week you come back you’re doing laundry and trying to get back into the swing of life. That could be one whole month you are not selling. Does that mean you’re not a value to our company? No way! If anything I say I am of less value if I don’t get a break.

In fact some Goddesses join for the discount, like a Sams Club membership. Or just to support their habit, get out of the house and have some girl time or tax benefits. Whatever your goals are we want you to attain them, not ours.

Hot 100

Hot 100 (formerly known as fast start) is where you can earn 10 free items if you sell 100 items in a month.
Most people reach fast start in less time than that! The great thing about Fast Start (besides getting 10 free items) is you make a return on your investment fast and you get a great foundation to build on. Because most parties are booked from other parties this will help you hit the ground running.

If you can, start advertising that you will be a Goddess before your time starts. Don’t wait till you have your dresses to start booking parties. Because time is needed to invite and plan for parties. Most successful Goddesses have 8 to 10 events on the books before they even start!


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Annual Renewal

Renewal is $100 and will get 5 items for FREE!

If you sign up a new Level 1 Goddess you get 5 FREE DRESSES once they have sold their first 20!


If there is no Goddess in your area.
If there is no existing inventory in your area to check out from we would need a Hub Goddess.
A Hub Goddess would pay $10 per item with a minimum of 100 items for the initial set up. You can either come to Topeka, KS to pick them out or we can video chat so you can choose what you want. All items sell for $20 plus tax and you keep the difference.

Right now while supplies last you would get a gently used display kit free (A $400 value). That is the rack you see in the pictures, the signs that go at the top, hanger and the large black bag on wheels that we carry 100 dresses in. Then as Goddesses in your area sign up they can check out from your inventory and pay you $13 per item.

When you need new items we go live on the closed Goddess facebook page and show whats new. If you see something you want let us know and you use Square Cash to pay for however many items you want. Once I know the shipping amount I will invoice you for that. If you need 1 or 100 items, you get to choose. If you ever want to come to the “wearhouse” and “flip out” you are welcome to. This is where you bring however many items you have and trade them in. This helps prevent stagnation. However, if you are having regular events (weekly) there is no need for this.

The display kit includes the collapsible rack, rack top signs, rack bag, accessory bag and large rolling bag that holds 100 dresses. – $400

You have unlimited access to me. Text is best because I am a mom and still do events. I feel like the only way I can give you good advice is if I am walking the walk too.

Please feel free to call or text me anytime at 785-969-5033
Nikki Lewien


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